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Blog: Monday, Monday

Blog: November 26th, 2007

All right, time to end these “Breakpoint City: Updates ??” shenanigans going on.

Folks, let’s try Monday as our scheduled update day. I know I’ve been all over the board lately, but sometimes if I just say it, it helps with my self-motivated deadline. Monday Monday Monday. I will try my best.

Of course, you can always subscribe to our RSS feed and be notified near-instantaneously whenever a comic is posted on the site. Whatever floats your boat.

Loading… Galaxies away

Blog: November 21st, 2007

Blog: Fan art, Weekend stuff

Blog: November 8th, 2007

Dan sez:

  • David Davis of Studio Blu drew this awesome picture of Dan! Oof, did not mean to hold onto this pic for so long. I can only assume the best way to make it up to the guy is to plug his site… go there, there’s like three webcomics going, and an army of artists posting stuff!!
  • I think it’s no secret I’m not exactly 100% about this new homepage design. I’m keeping it, no doubt about that… just saying it’s a little too dry. Part of me wants to add in some characters all over the place, but part of me doesn’t want to clutter everything up… the focus should be on the comic. Prolly going to try another animated header logo next week for the holidays. Also, I fixed the search… for some reason, the new version of WordPress natively supports tags, but the built in search box? Nope, doesn’t look for tags. Gotta love plugins that pick up the slack.
  • This unaired 1994 pilot for the show 24 is very amusing, even if you’re not a fan of the show. Especially amusing if you used a computer back in the dark ages.
  • My brother’s going to grad school! Congrats Patrick!
  • Mario Galaxy. One week. One looong week.

Blog: What do you think, sirs?

Blog: November 7th, 2007

MST3K Returns
Hoo boy. Sharon pointed me toward the recently relaunched official site for Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Longtime readers know that I am somewhat of a fan of the show. The fact that there’s new MST3K anything should be cause for celebration. But it’s very clear that things have… changed.

Now, the common trait of an internet nerd is to run, screaming and hollering preferably, away from the first sign of change. Add a mere flame decal to Optimus Prime and you’ve immediately ruined 10,000 childhoods. So instead, I’d like to give these guys a chance to have fun and experiment a little. The show certainly has been through many changes already, so what’s another voice cast and art style?

But the new Flash show *is* a pretty big leap from the bots I grew up with. I know we’re lucky to get anything now that everyone from the old show has parted ways. It’s just… I dunno. Maybe they need to make fun of some movies or something?

Anyone else a fan of Joel, Mike and the Bots? Got a favorite host segment? Episode? Short? Just no Joel v. Mike stuff… had enough of that back on AOL.

Spotlight: Zita the Space Girl

Blog, Spotlight: November 3rd, 2007

Zita the Space Girl
Hey! Spotlights! Remember those?

Reader Starflier sends in this month’s webcomic spotlight. There’s a lot to like about Ben Hatke’s comic: The art is incredible, the stories are sweet (but aren’t afraid to show their fangs once in a while,) and the personalities really come across, even with the one-shot incidental characters. Zita’s premise is ultra simple (reread the title,) but comics tend to not end up where you think they will.

Blog/Plug: Bite Sized Morsels of Might

Blog: November 2nd, 2007

Hey! You with the computer! If you’re reading this and it’s Saturday Morning (or Sunday, depending on your city… check your local listings) throw on CBS. If you’re lucky, you’ll be watching Sushi Pack, a new cartoon that our division at AG Properties created.

It’s an energetic action show for kids about a group of crime fighting Sushi, saving the day without being devoured by the Legion of Low Tide. Trust me: if you were seven, this would rock your socks off.

Check out Saxton Moore’s blog… he’s got a ton of great production sketches to share.

So I’m really happy for their success! My Kevin Baconesque connection to the show is the official web site. It’s a little bare bones at the moment, but stay tuned. We’ve got some cool games in the pipeline :D