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Blog: Mac Wallpaper

Blog: January 26th, 2008

Mac of Sauron
As requested, here’s a wallpaper version of the width-less, mass-less Macintosh featured in the latest comic.

1024 X 768
1280 X 960
1680 X 1050

Spotlight: Sam and Max Season One

Blog, Spotlight: January 5th, 2008

In this past week, I ruined a popular sitcom, took down a ring of cuddly mobsters, ran for President against a reanimated Abraham Lincon (and won!), destroyed the internet, and travelled to the moon in a beat-up 1960 DeSoto. Thank the heavens Sam and Max are back.

Is this double dipping? Maybe… we have spotlit Steve Purcell’s webcomic before on the site. But this entry is all about the related adventure games by Telltale, whose awesome-ocity deserves special attention.

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