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Spotlight: Kiskaloo

Blog, Spotlight: April 23rd, 2008

This Chris Sanders kid…. he’s going places. Sure, he’s a fresh new face to the webcomic scene, but you watch. His expressive style and unique characters in Kiskaloo make for an enjoyable, chaotic good time. Here’s hoping Chris keeps drawing week after week… it’s sure to land him a big time job someday.

Blog: In the year of 200X

Blog: April 5th, 2008

Japan. They get all the cool stuff.

This is the raddest thing ever. Just picked up “R20 Rockman & Rockman X Official Complete Works”. It’s a major chunk of my childhood condensed into a giant, 300 page art book.

Mega Man (Rockman in Japan) games were my absolute favorite when I was a kid… I loved the music, I loved the predictable sequels every year, and I especially loved the artwork in the game manuals… those had a huge impact on my drawing style. Was this close to putting a spring on Dan’s back. Remember desperately trying to program my own Mega Man game back in grade school… got much further on the drawings than the code.

To celebrate Mega Man’s 20th anniversary, R20 collects hundreds of late-eighties, early nineties video game art from the series. There’s concept sketches from the team at Capcom, artwork of every single enemy and device in all 20+ games, box art from around the world, and lots more. The book features only the first two Mega Man series (Original and Mega Man X,) but any series beyond those two are kinda boring to me. Once Capcom began spinning off spin offs, they totally lost me. Bring back the optimistic bug-eyed robots and mad scientists!!

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Blog: No, Seriously

Blog: April 5th, 2008

So I’m officially sick of Rick Astley.

Hope April Fools day was fun for everyone in internetland. Sorry to burst nobody’s bubble, but no, Progressive will not be sponsoring the site. We’re still ad-free for the moment. Fake ads aside.

What isn’t fake is that loading screen up there. Unfortunately my April Fools plans for this year were a hair too ambitious. Every year I do a swap with another webcomic artist, but this was going to be a first-ever collaboration on the same comic with another person. Sounds like I overwhelmed my accomplice, so the blame is squarely all on me. Rather than rush it, we’re just going to get it done when it’s done… stay tuned for Monday. It’s worth the wait.

If only there was a way to make it up to you all… perhaps some funny Muppet outtakes?

Blog: New Site Advertising

Blog: April 1st, 2008

Progressive CityWhen my comic started way back in 2000, I was on borrowed space. Tripod, Keenspace, Comic Genesis… it was all free, but I had to put up with the ads foisted (is that a word?) upon us. Buying my own hosting back in 2005 finally set the site loose… no more pop-ups, no more questionable ads, I could run whatever I wanted. I enjoyed it, and I hope you did too.

But hosting is expensive. With my renewal up this month, I’m bringing back ads to the site. I have complete control over the whole thing, don’t worry. Looked at my ad options, and while some projects out there sure are wonderful, I think there’s more creative solutions out there.

Progressive Insurance is a perfect fit for our comic. They’re local to northeast Ohio, they’re very forward thinking, and everyone in Cleveland absolutely loves the company. Starting Tuesday, we’re renaming the comic Progressive City.

It will still be the same comic… I’m not getting rid of anything. Your memories will still be the same, only the name is going to be changed. “Breakpoint City” is hardly ever mentioned in the comic anyway.

If all goes well, this could be the start of a strong relationship with the company. There’s talk of mascot rights… dunno about you, but Zaltor makes a better insurance salesman than any pink-haired secret agent I know.