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Sketchblog: Scroogletor

December 30th, 2008

xmas_2_and_1_skelescroogeOkay, maybe it took longer than 25 days, but here it is, the ending to the Holiday sketchblog!

That said, I really wasn’t planing to build up to a big spectacular ending on the blog. The original plan was to align each post with what special was airing on TV at the time. Still, people wanted to know what would end up as #1.

On one hand, the top slot should perhaps go to Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. Like the Nostalgia Critic says, it doesn’t matter which version, they’re all good. Whether it’s Mister Magoo, or the Muppets, or Bill Murray, or Captain Picard, it’s required viewing to catch one version during the holidays.

On the other hand, this is not a top 25 list. Last thing I want to do is be taken seriously, so here’s Skeletor from the He-Man She-Ra Christmas Spectacular. We had a bunch of people over last week to watch retro holiday specials, and this one came up. Not being much of a He-Man fan (almost-but-not-quite my generation) it was hilarious to watch for the first time ever. They make no effort to disguise the fact it’s a 60 minute commercial for He-Man toys, even going so far as to bash their direct toy competitors, the Transformers. And yet, this is the decade I grew up with on Saturday mornings… can’t help but love it.

So here we have a timeless classic of literature, and an animated piece of 80s pop-culture cheese. If that doesn’t sum up this holiday sketchblog, I dunno what does. I’ll leave you to decide which one of the two gets the #1 slot.

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