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Blog: Peep Jousting XTREME

Blog: May 5th, 2009

Peep Jousting. It’s a dangerous game of marshmallow chickens, broken microwaves and a vast amount of post-Easter free time.

Reader NeoMikey sends along his video exposé into the dark, underground world of XTRREEM Peep Jousting. Warning: the footage you are about to see may be delicious.

I tried it out myself and was slightly disappointed it wasn’t as explosive as the comic promised (they just poke each other, really). However, I knew there was video potential in this “underground sport,” and that’s when I put this video together, which just was uploaded today. I hope you enjoy it!

Remember, the first rule of Peep Jousting is OM NOM NOM.

Fan Art: Cross-stitch pixel art

Blog: May 3rd, 2009

Breakpoint Sweet BreakpointHey cool! Kevin sent over this pic of pixel Dan, counted cross stitched out in real-world form. Old school meets the real old school! Y’know, I never thought I’d get fan art in a different medium.  Throwing down the gauntlet now: if someone wants to attempt a sculpted mashed potato Zaltor, go for it man.