Stikfas Customs Part II


"Could a Dan figure be on the horizon?" Uhhhh, yeah. Last time on Breakpoint City: I had just completed the Ben Stikfas action figure, and receivedanother Stikfas to customize! This one was a "Delta Boy" model, smaller than the Alpha Male. Perfect proportions for everyone’s favorite brown cartoon dog appearing on this web site (sorry, all you Dr. Rober fans.)

Just like the Ben figure, Dan is a composite of the basic Stikfas body and a Sculpey clay head. This time I wised up and painted the figure while the parts were still attached to the blister card. Trust me, painting the tiny little limbs of these guys when they’re not secured down is a pain that no mortal should experience. Compared to Ben, Dan was cake to paint (Just two colors! It’s like I planned ahead for this toy or something!)

Again, I used acrylic paint on the Stikfas, which dries very nicely on the plastic surface. After the paint dried, he’s sprayed with a lacquer gloss cote to give him a little more shine and to keep the paint on. A Sharpie marker adds the finishing touches.

Dan’s head, tail, and collar are both made from baking clay. The yellow medallion had to be painted after the lacquer dulled it’s original color. A word to the wise: NEVER bake your clay while it’s on the figure, unless you want to see your Stikfas dude all melty and twisted. Let’s just say that this isn’t the first Dan I’ve worked on…

Dan turned out great! The head might need a little touching up, but he makes a great compliment to the Ben figure. I guess the inevitable question now is how long before we see a Sof—-


Woah! That was quick! Yes, there’s also a Sofia toy. Couldn’t resist when I saw the Beta Female Stikfas w/Jungle Cat on the shelves. That’s the thing about Stikfas… once you make your own, you immediately want to create a whole set. Heh heh… anyway, onto the process..

Again, we paint the blister cards. The green paint got darker as it dried, but the other colors were spot-on. This time only three colors to paint, the gray pants, the green top, and the flesh-colored arms. I fear the day Breakpoint City introduces a complex multicolored character! Thought I could get away using the base color in the plastic for her arm-ular region, but they looked sickly green compared to her head.

Sofia also has a clay head, which came out the best of the three. I’m getting better at this clay stuff! Her long haircut in the back would make it difficult to move her head around, so I split it in two and super glued the lower half to her back.

Behold! The main cast is complete!

Now if they only had voice chips and kung-fu action grip… Naw, I think they’re fine as-is. Again, these guys aren’t for sale (mine mine mine!) but I got the word out about Stikfas toys. They’re too much fun, even without customization. But who can resist the possibility of having a custom posable toy made of their characters? If you have the patience and mad craft skillz, you won’t be disappointed with these guys. Let’s see more webcomic custom figures!