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Blog: All wings report in!

July 24th, 2011

Hey again, group — it’s been a while! After a couple of rough months, I’m really excited to be back behind the drawing board once again. I hope it’s okay if the first few comics back are Waffledog episodes… they’re my favorite to draw!

Speaking of Waffles, The Nolans had a pretty rad storyline revolving around our favorite canine wünderdog. Check it out!

Blog: Fan Art Fiesta

January 26th, 2011

A toupée-wearing, sophisticated Daniel Q. Dog makes an appearance in the latest Cats in the Kitchen! With a lady friend no less!

Greg Gillis sent in this flipping awesome piece of cardboard artwork a while back. Very impressive- I’d love to see a whole comic done in this style! Although I don’t know how many pizza deliveries and/or Amazon.com purchases that would take to get the supplies.

Breakpoint City turns 10

June 30th, 2010

Today marks the ten-year anniversary of Breakpoint City. Can you believe it?

Here I was on your typical badly-designed Tripod page. Yeah, remember Tripod? Oh yes, there were animated GIFs. I still remember uploading the first few comics before heading off on a family vacation (protip: if you’re starting a webcomic, always post more than one comic the day you start!)

That fall, I somehow convinced my teachers that building a cartoon website would qualify as “community service” for my high school Senior Project. In retrospect, this was not hard to do. I think someone got away with modifying their car for graduation. I quickly joined up with Keenspace (now ComicGenesis) and started drawing comic after comic, logging my experience all the way. The project was a success, I graduated high school, that was that.

But some projects refuse to die.

I kept it going in college. I think my whole time at RIT was just an excuse to learn new things to put into Breakpoint City. 3D graphics class? That ended up in the comic. Animation? Programming? Into the comic it goes! Practically my whole syllabus is somehow represented in the BPC archives. Breakpoint was this great, creative testing ground between classes– and I didn’t have to worry about writing an essay at the end of it.

So, one decade and some 474-odd comics later, here I am still doing my high school project. It’s a work in progress. It’s still not done. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for reading; now let’s keep going!

…Although man, I totally missed out on customizing my car.

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