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December 9|Poppen


June 30|Future Nostalgia
June 19|Ancient History


May 16|Plot Twist
May 8|Big Hollywood Remake


April 1|Wait For It


August 13|What’s On Your Mind
July 28|Like I Was Saying
March 16|Waffledoge


April 29|Early Edition
April 15|Stairway Staredown
April 10|Toyetic
April 1|Syrup, Up And Away
February 3|Why So Blue?


November 19|Snacktacular Strike
October 29|Remember Her?


September 27|Honor Code Syntax Error
August 21|Sound Advice
July 25|Danger! Rhubarb!
May 2|Action Nerd
April 1|Infinitas
March 28|Staff Meeting
February 22|Anticlockwise
February 2|Choco Rocket Puffs
January 24|The Day Is Mine!


December 25|Milo’s Shiny New Year
December 19|Moving On
November 14|Puppet Show!
October 31|Jerk Piano Cat
October 25|The Cat Came Back
October 15|Transparency
October 5|Super Long Play
September 14|Fourth Dimension Blues
August 28|Epoch Fail
August 9|Don’t Copy That Floppy
July 26|Dating Tips From Your Dog
July 12|Wafflekinesis Part 2
June 29|Wafflekinesis
June 21|Smooth Operator
May 10|Enabler
May 3|Kitbash
April 12|Challenge System
April 1|Cartoon Somestars to the Rescue
March 29|Narpas Sword0
March 15|Finally
March 1|Kebabed
February 3|Donut Unto Others
January 18|Via Satellite
January 11|Cruller VII


December 25|WaffleNog
December 14|I am Error
November 22|Flame War
October 31|Trick or Treat or Die
October 12|Burn Disc
September 27|Stop Script
September 14|The Absorbening
September 7|A+++++ WILL BUY AGAIN
August 24|Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die
August 17|TMI
August 10|Bioluminescent
April 20|You’re Not Helping
April 6|Old Glory
March 16|Spinning Beach Ball
March 9|Battle Bot
February 16|Impressive Packing Skills
February 9|Decrepitcon
January 26|Dangst


December 1|Precursor
October 31|Thirteen Riddles
October 13|There is Another
September 22|Social Studies
September 15|Secret Identity
July 17|Still Standing
July 4|Nuke the Fridge
June 12|Rolling Home
June 2|A Very Good Question
May 14|Poor Insulation
April 25|Fury of the Dorkwad
April 21|Guest Comic: Green With Ehm Vee
April 1|Sannin Teinousha
March 24|Hygiene Tips from Your Dog
March 17|The Pledge
February 20|Closing Time
February 11|Comic Taking Place in an Alley
January 28|Journalistic Integrity
January 21|Exotic Matter
January 7|Long Time Suffering


December 17|Make a festive holiday snowglobe with Zaltor!
December 10|Prerecorded
December 4|Kitchen Nightmares
November 26|Galaxies Away
November 7|Steampunkery
October 30|Caturday the 13th
October 22|Tricked Out
October 18|Reborn
October 8|Red Pants
September 24|Dark Meat
September 17|Fast Food
July 2|Officer Friendly
June 24|Horrible Summer Job
June 4|Alternate Timeline
May 7|The Incident
April 25|Apple Sylar
April 16|Dan’s Worst Nightmare
April 9|Branulated Oat Spheres
April 1|April Fools 2k7
March 25|Objection!
March 16|Words Fail Me
March 5|Second Verse
February 19|Pink Slip
February 12|Suit Up
February 5|Serious Lawyers
January 29|Soundbyte
January 22|Ruh Roh
January 15|Amish Rage
January 1|Throwing You One


December 18|Key Get!
November 19|Reticulating Splines
October 30|Bad Jokes 2006
October 23|Purdy
October 9|I’m Crushing Your Head
October 2|Ditch the Dog
September 25|Red-Hot Breakpoint City Romance
September 18|Best Talk Like a Pirate Day Ever!
September 11|EFP TOZ LPED
August 28|Enemy Territory
August 20|CMYB
August 14|Bite the Hand
July 28|Superman Redesigns
July 3|Homecoming
June 17|Con
June 4|Stowaway
May 30|Aaaacting!
May 29|Glitch
May 28|Collection
April 29|Mystery Girl
April 21|Red Eye
April 10|Key Lime Pie
April 1|April Fools Two-Kay-Six
March 22|Phase One
March 15|Turnaround
March 6|Head and Shoulders
February 27|What an Airhead
February 15|Hangman
February 14|Ackbar
February 13|The Trap
February 10|Dead End
February 9|Roadblock
February 8|Running
February 7|Odds
February 6|The Competition
February 3|The Hunter
February 2|The Hunted
February 1|No Whammies!
January 31|Teaser
January 22|It’s Christmas!
January 21|Cheer Up Dude.
January 14|Rage against the Kringle
January 6|The Getaway
January 4|Priorities


December 28|The Experiment
December 17|Rhyming is Hard
December 14|My Family is Nothing Like This
October 31|Fun Size
October 22|Stall Tactics
August 6|Fission Mailed!
August 3|Death Bringer 9000
July 20|Brain Parasites Anonymous
July 13|It DOES Get Better… Right?
July 6|Mr. Tastee
June 30|Fifth Anniversary
June 25|McIdentity Crisis
June 18|Now Playing
June 8|S’all Good
June 4|Joust
May 28|Convoluted
May 14|Temporal Gunfight (Part One)
May 4|Temporal Gunfight (Part Two)
April 27|Planning Ahead
April 20|The Plan
April 13|Meanwhile…
April 9|Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
April 9|Takeover
April 1|April Fools 2k5
March 23|The Meltdown
March 16|Luck Runs Out
March 11|Thermal Gear
March 6|Sun Raiders
March 2|Pet Peeve
February 20|22
February 4|Waffledog in: Selling Out
January 28|It’s Tricky
January 24|Buried
January 21|iMarketing
January 17|Infinite Loop
January 7|List Show
January 3|The A


December 25|Wake Up
December 18|End of the Ride
December 10|Reward
November 27|Freudian Slip
November 20|Dan Snaps
November 6|My Friend
October 30|Uh Oh
October 24|Mister Moosie
October 21|Dan Dooms Society
October 16|Standoff
October 9|Ben Dooms Society
October 2|The Plot
September 29|Trapped
September 22|Saved
September 18|Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
September 15|Initiation Begins
September 11|Poor Milo…
September 8|Dog Show
September 1|Speeding Up the Plot
August 28|Done to Death
August 25|Naming Conflict
August 21|Fall Out
August 13|Solo
August 11|Leash
August 7|Freak on a Leash
August 4|Consequences
July 31|Design Flaw
July 28|Dogfight Part II
July 21|Dogfight Part I
July 17|Rampage
July 14|Canine Karma
July 10|Rush
July 7|More Breakfast Jokes
July 3|Breakfast Clubbed
June 30|Motive
June 26|Not Bait
June 23|Cool Party Hats
June 19|Nitpick
June 16|Origins Part II
June 12|Origins
June 9|A Hero is Born
June 2|Prelude Part III
May 30|The Dork Knight
May 29|Prelude Part II
May 29|Prelude Part II
May 26|Prelude Part I
May 22|Merchandise
May 12|Darkbolt/Breakpoint City Crossover
May 8|Quotes
May 5|Dan on Caffeine
May 1|Named Dog’s Ice Cream Conundrum
April 24|Esch
April 21|Crayola Carnage
April 17|The Fry
April 14|Bored Game
April 7|Mew World Order
April 3|Get Ready!
April 1|April Fools 2k4
March 27|It’s Over
March 24|Exit… Hitchhiker
March 20|Dog Scraper
March 17|To Be Continued
March 13|Irony
March 10|Free Will
March 6|Ran Outta Letters
March 3|Doom Doodle
February 21|Head Games
February 18|He’s Gone
February 14|Fighting Chance
February 11|Truth
January 21|He’s Baa-ack
January 17|Three
January 10|Bait and Switch
January 8|Overdrawn at the Memory Bank


December 25|Plastic Trees
December 24|Bait
December 13|Beginning of the End
December 10|Cleopatra
December 6|Horror at Party Beach
November 29|Junior Rodeo Daredevils
November 22|Indestructible Man
November 15|Escape 2000
November 5|The Sinester Urge
October 29|The Dead Talk Back
October 22|Catching Trouble
October 18|It Lives by Night
October 15|Monster A-Go-Go
October 8|Projected Man
October 4|Riding With Death
October 1|Old Prospector
September 27|Soul Taker
September 24|Screaming Skull
September 19|Talk Like a Pirate Day
September 17|Breakpoint City Funpages
September 13|Back Home
August 23|Aliens on Earth
August 20|Summer’s End
August 16|Blue Hair Group
August 13|Sim Beach
August 9|Sim Waterpark
August 6|Ninja Lincoln
August 2|Das Beach
July 30|Kicked Out
July 26|Hover Pool
July 23|History Lesson
July 19|The Festival
July 16|Bellhop
July 12|Break a Leg
July 9|Gravity
July 5|Men on Mars
July 2|Negotiations
June 30|3rd Anniversary
June 25|Seeing Eye Dog
June 21|Cryogenics
June 18|Burrito
June 14|Fine Print
June 11|The Big One
June 7|What About Bob?
June 4|Come on Down
May 31|Muffin Man
May 3|Humidity
April 30|Lazy Cartoonists
April 26|Duck Hunt 2
April 23|Lawsuit
April 19|Double Dare Devil
April 12|Dr. Rober
April 9|Time Capsule
April 5|Cedar Point Meets Breakpoint
April 1|April Fools 2k3
March 29|Real Ending
March 26|Mirror Ending
March 22|Special Effects
March 19|Anticipation
March 15|Quantum Fighting
March 12|Rewind
March 8|Superpowers
March 5|Zapper
March 1|Ambush
February 26|I Ran Out of Letters
February 22|I’m Going to Run Out of Letters
February 19|Angry Mob
February 15|Bogus
February 12|Ruh Roh Rorge
February 8|Tricking Bill and Ted
February 5|Deus Ex Machina
February 1|Ooo… Pyrotechnics
January 29|Plan Ahead
January 25|Server Reconnect
January 22|The Plot Thickens
January 18|Yes, it’s THAT Cold
January 15|Wrong Address
January 11|Robbery
January 8|Fun with Photoshop
January 4|Lassie
January 1|Scooby Wouldn’t Do THIS


December 28|Cowardly Dog
December 21|Speechless
December 18|Backstory Part II
December 14|Das Backstory
December 11|Bellisario’s Rules
December 7|Standard Hologram Joke
December 4|Da Da Dummm!
November 30|Rez
November 23|Mizkit Returns
November 20|Out of the Vault
November 16|The Sequel!
October 31|Halloween 2k2
October 26|Action Cereal
October 23|The Ring
October 16|Bootleg
October 12|Instincts
October 5|Time Travel Misuse
October 2|Mascots
September 28|Seasons
September 25|You Saw it Coming
September 21|Food Poisoning
September 18|Deserted
September 14|Metal Plate
September 11|One Laugh
August 31|Health Inspector
August 28|Spy VS Spy
August 24|Anagram
August 21|Thirteen In.
August 17|And So it Begins…
August 14|Big Business
August 10|Risk
August 7|Competition
August 3|BPC Diner
July 29|Ben’s Worst Nightmare
July 24|Chlorine
July 20|Vendo!
July 17|Random Word
July 13|Duck Hunt
July 10|Bzorp!
July 6|Wrap Up
July 3|A Lesson in Pain
June 29|Lightsabers
June 27|Size Matters
June 26|Breakout
June 25|Registered Trademark
June 22|Boggles the Mind
June 19|Foolproof Plan
June 15|Plan A Before B
June 12|Krankor Exploration Force
June 8|Yeah. Sure.
June 5|Televisor
June 1|Master Plan
May 29|Rush Hour
May 25|Bounty Hunt
May 22|Shout Out
May 16|Cantina
May 11|Prince of Space
May 8|Uncle Ben
May 4|Crazy Jawa’s
May 1|Title Crawl
April 27|Extended Network
April 24|Packaging
April 17|Amazing Products!
April 13|Future Weapons
April 10|Retro Remake
April 6|Terrier in the Skies
April 3|Harrison Four’ed
April 1|April Fools 2k2
April 1|April Fools 2k2
March 30|Northern Exposure
March 27|Lake Effect
March 23|Underdog
March 20|Waffle Dog
March 15|Kattanium
March 13|Awesome Wrath
March 9|Bloodhound
March 6|Focus Group
March 2|Total Nerds
February 27|Waffle Power
February 23|Little Doggie Lost
February 20|Thepu Maman
February 16|UFO Chaser
February 13|The Core
February 9|Just a Taste
February 6|Turkey See, Doggie Do
February 2|Room For Improvement
January 30|Emergency!
January 26|Cryo-Hiatus
January 2|New for ’02


December 29|You Could Be a Winner
December 25|SNL Song
December 23|Sniff Out
December 19|Dead Pixels
December 15|Cancellation
December 12|Wasted Time…
December 8|Attack of the Christmas Light People pt. 2
December 5|Attack of the Christmas Light People pt. 1
December 1|Portal
November 28|The 1/2 Hour Show
November 24|Mall Maddness
November 21|T-Day
November 17|All your boat are missed to us
November 14|Squeekie
November 7|Lesson Learned
November 3|Railing Kill
October 31|Halloween 2K1
October 27|Turkey Talk
October 24|The Boardwalk
October 20|Labbies
October 17|No Escape
October 13|Klaatu Barada Nikto
October 6|Robot Fighting Time
September 29|Iventor’s Log
September 22|AI Steak Sauce
September 14|Frankenben
August 25|Igor the Dog
August 18|Mail Order
August 11|Inventors Block
August 8|Pre-Emptive Strike
July 28|Whose Line?
July 21|Otaku Bailey
July 14|How Toyetic can you Get?
July 7|This is not a Secret Message
June 30|Lessons Learned
June 29|The Showdown
June 28|In Close Pursuit
June 27|Eureka
June 24|Time Tunnel
June 23|Plan B
June 16|Fnu
June 9|Fixit
June 2|Claim to Fame
May 26|Danger!
May 19|Copycat
May 12|Doorbell
May 5|Priceless
April 28|Found and Lost
April 21|Pun ishment
April 14|MST3Keen
April 7|The Bright Side
April 1|April Fools 2k1
March 31|Fourth Wall
March 24|New and Improved
March 17|Your Author was (is) a Dork
March 10|Separation Anxiety
March 3|This Just In
February 24|Dog’s Daydream
February 17|Utopia
February 10|Survivor: In Space
February 3|Moore’s Law
January 27|Squirrel Money
January 19|Funds
January 1|Welcome to Breakpoint


December 19|Up in the Sky
December 14|Routine Check-Up
December 11|Dan’s Powers
December 9|Names
December 1|Join Us
November 28|Heroes
November 23|Awakenings
November 17|Nobody calls me Chicken
November 3|Cranial Injuries
October 17|Once you Pop
September 29|Zapped
September 16|Silent but Deadly
August 17|Ben, you Bojo!
August 11|News Stand
August 7|Apocalypse Later
August 4|Cornered
July 28|How Far?
July 21|CTRL + V
July 14|A Lesson in Science
July 7|A Slight Oversight
June 30|The Arrival