Cast of Characters

Ben Megawhat?Ben

Reasons unknown, ubergeek Benjamin F. Megawatt invented a time machine and took a one-way trip into the future. Now part of a world straight out of comic books and sci-fi movies, Ben attempts to lead a normal life while dabbling with superpowers, time paradoxes and alien shoplifters.

Ben is a perfect example of the difference between smarts and street smarts. Blissfully unaware about life beyond his science textbooks, Dan and Sofia are constantly saving his bacon. Despite his inventions, the scientific community has yet to take him seriously; his only accepted patent so far is for an animatronic dancing squirrel.
Dan The Dog Dan

Dan is Ben’s loyal dog, given the gift of speech via a special translato-collar. Unlike his human counterpart, Dan is still adjusting to life in the future.

Youthful, energetic and a bit of a rascal, Dan is just along for the ride.  Dan is a dreamer: he’s always longing the fame and adoration he believes he deserves, but is incapable of actually obtaining such things. He does have a sense of adventure however, and if the situation is right, he will follow his friends into the fray. Dan is especially envious of Ben’s superpowers, and has acquired his own, lame power in spite.
Jaypeg?  Really?Sofia

Among the first future residents they meet, Sofia is Ben and Dan’s guide to the world of tomorrow. As a professional super-heroine, Sofia is keeps our boys in check when trouble is afoot. Sofia’s psionic powers enable her to utilize that extra 1% of her mind to dish out some major pain. Sofia wants to make a name for herself in the heroic circles, though her thirst for adventure often lands everyone in deep trouble.

Supporting Cast

In your dreamsWaffledog

Dan’s alter ego, at least in his mind. This dog dreams of a life of crime-busting, delicious baked goods and maple-flavored justice, whether the public wants it or not.  No one is really sure what the “A” on his chest stands for, and no one has the heart to tell him it should be a “W.”
Bug-eyed Milo Milo Schroedinger

Milo the Cat has decided to be Dan’s new friend, unaware that his better-than-thou attitude is driving the dog nuts. But it takes a pest to control a pest, and it appears poor Milo might have had an alien attitude adjustment.
Tacky TurkeyTack “Tacky” Turkey

In the future, there will be giant talking gamebird, and they will own eating establishments in Northeast Ohio. Somehow this does not seem out of place in our futuristic setting. As his name implies, Tacky’s restaurant hasn’t exactly earned it’s five stars yet. Tacky’s a cool guy and seems to know just about everyone in the city.
A scientist who's mad?  How original!Dr. Ebenezer Mizkit

A brilliant scientist driven mad by allegations of ripping off other inventors. As Ben’s token arch-rival, it’s none too surprising that he’s adopted a talking pet dog of his own, as well.
Chipmunk toes!Zaltor

Zaltor is an outer space extra-dimensional emperor of… something; that much we’re sure. And he would be public enemy number one if he acted upon it, but he’s just… Zaltor. His ways are confusing to those from the third dimension, like his use of chipmunk toes for currency, or his grand scheme to cover the moon in tin foil for gambling purposes. Zaltor shows up whenever he pleases, and it’s best to just let him have his space.
Remember Battlebots?Master Plan

The most feared bounty hunter in the universe; programmed to never lose the trail of his mark. Rumored to be incapacitated after being shot into the sun.
Mystery girlKira Earhart

An up-and-coming bounty hunter whom always seems to be one step ahead of everyone. Neckless but not spineless, Kira is known for her signature use of holography and visual trickery. It’s been revealed  her base of operation is Breakpoint City, and that has taken a shine to Ben. What could Kira be up to?
Mort?Mort the Eggplant

Seriously, what’s this guy’s deal?