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Blog: Keepon Keepin’ On

September 20th, 2007

Note: Until I figure out how to change the RSS to put the category in the title of each update, I’ll be adding “blog” to the title of these posts. You know, just so you can tell when it’s a comic or blog update.

I’m a sucker for impractical applications of advanced technology. Battlebots, Mythbusters, robot soccer… anytime I see really smart people use their skills to come up with something lowbrow, they have my undivided attention. So that’s probably why this week’s comic features a little shout out to Keepon, a dancing robot programmed to listen to any given song and pull a beat from it.

Also worth seeing: Spoon, the band featured in the above demonstration, put Keepon in their recent music video.
I’d say it doesn’t take much to make me smile, but that’s probably a gross misunderstanding of mechanical engineering.

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