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Dark Meat

September 24th, 2007

4 Responses to “Dark Meat”

  1. hpkomic says:

    Your backgrounds are looking particularly snazzy lately.

  2. Noddegamra says:

    Hi, your comic looks really great. A nice art style.

    Can I ask what software you use to create your comic? I’m looking to start my own comic strips on my blog and I don’t know whats best to use? I imagine most are using adobe illustrator?

  3. Brian says:

    Thanks Noddegamra! Cool site, lots of geeky news stuff :D

    I’m not too convinced everyone uses Illustrator… it’s mostly meant for vector artwork and commercial illustration, though some people have had good luck with it. The latest version does have a robust bitmap to vector converter, though.

    Been using Photoshop for Breakpoint City since day one. I draw everything on paper, then scan it into Photoshop and use layers to collage it all together. The recent versions of Photoshop have improved vector support, so making things like word balloons and backgrounds is a whole lot easier. And I’m also a layer style addict.

    But everyone’s different. Some people draw with Wacom tables instead of pen and paper (still can’t get the hang of that…) Some people draw it all on paper and only use Photoshop to clean up the details before publishing. Darrell uses Flash for everything and just exports out a JPG when it’s done.
    You really gotta find a method that works for you… it’s worth it to experiment until you find what you’re comfortable with.

    Just promise me you’ll stay away from the Mega Man sprites!!

  4. Noddegamra says:

    Hi Brian, thanks for your reply. I really like the layering system of photoshop. I may give the scanning in doodles a try, as I’d probably be better at that than using a tablet. I’ve gotten pretty good with the mouse as i just had to kinda live with it, but they are nowhere near the same quality as a good old pen or pencil :)