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Spotlight: Sugar Babiez

January 16th, 2009


Welcome to a land inhabited by creatures known as Sugar Babies. Sugar Babies are born in a facility in Sugar County known as The Garden. Sugar Babies need sugar to function properly. Sugar Babies are born for the sole purpose of glorifying their creator The Sugar Goddess.

…That would be the plot synopsis of Sugar Babiez, a twice-weekly comic drawn by fellow RIT cadet Bob Rutan.

Bob and I were in comics club back at school (wait, sorry, Guild of Sequential Illustrators) before he went off to the magical land of animation. The comics Bob brought to club were the highlight of every meeting, as they were more twisted than a pretzel factory run by Chubby Checker. Good to see not much has changed since graduation. Mayhaps the best thing to do is read it from the beginning.

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One Response to “Spotlight: Sugar Babiez”

  1. Bob says:

    I just found out who Chubby Checker is. You, sir, are my hero.