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Blog: Meanwhile, on The Nolans

March 11th, 2009

Spoiler!Webcomic pal Josh Nickerson has made a regular thing out of name-checking Waffledog in his comic, The Nolans. Stroll through the archives and you’ll find Dan the Dog’s licensed face plastered all over comic books, video games and sugar-frosted cereals (naturally.)

It started as a subtle nod, but when a whole dang storyline gets devoted to the movie “Waffledog Begins,” well, I couldn’t just let it slide. Go read his stuff!

There’s been a handful of other cameos lately, too! Gimme a holler if you spot any.

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2 Responses to “Blog: Meanwhile, on The Nolans”

  1. Kevin says:

    Yeah, Waffle Dog Begins was okkay, but The Darkness Setting Knight was way better.

  2. Bengo says:

    You might enjoy this website if you don’t know it: http://crossovers.dragoneers.com/

    It’s all records of crossovers and cameos. Fun! And well run.

    Also, I’ve added you comic to the http://PsychedelicTreehouse.com webcomic list, perhaps helping more readers to wonder your way.

    Best regards,