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September 7th, 2009

7 Responses to “A+++++ WILL BUY AGAIN”

  1. Crow! says:

    I’m betting the items Ben thinks are boring are the ones that will fetch huge prices. Far enough in the future, how many people are going to know or care which things are considered rare today?

    So in the Magic: the Gathering panel, I see a Black Lotus, a blue Hurricane, and some creature I don’t recognize. What is that thing? Looking at E-Bay, it looks like these days a Black Lotus sells for up to $3000, depending on condition. I did a bit of research and it looks like the blue bordered Hurricane (normally a green card) was a misprint and is real but very rare.

  2. hpkomic says:

    I recognized every single one of the Magic cards. :|

  3. Josh says:

    Good lord, POGS…

    oh, and… INTERNET MORT!

  4. skincauldron says:

    I love how you have Bit floating around in the audience. “Yes. No. Yes. No no no no no no!”
    Weren’t pogs all but dead by the time Space Jam came out?

  5. Kevin says:

    Re: skincauldron:
    Apparently not!



  6. Brian says:

    I thought I made those up!

  7. skincauldron says:

    Wow. Those are so cheesy, I don’t think they’d sell at auction in any century. Look like the kinda pogs that come on a sheet of cardboard with perforated edges that ya gotta punch out yourself, hahaha! That’s awesome. Great find Kevin.