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Wanted again: Awful Halloween Jokes

September 27th, 2009

It’s that time again. I’m putting a call out for your worst, most miserable, groan-inducing, pun-riddled Halloween jokes for an upcoming comic.

Like last year, I’d prefer if they’re brief (it’s gotta fit onto a candy wrapper, see) and they’re kept to question-and-answer puns. No knock-knock jokes, no guy-walks-into-a-bar stuff. Here’s what I’ve used before.

If you’d like credit for your joke, I’ll also need a first name and your state and/or country if you’re out of the US. I can’t guarantee I’ll be using every riddle sent to me, but the odds are pretty good. Cutoff date will be October 24, so get those entries in!

Now as for WHAT I’m doing with those jokes this year…. MUHUWAHAHAHAHAHA

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