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Challenge System

April 12th, 2010

6 Responses to “Challenge System”

  1. Darrell M. Stark says:

    Very awesomely shadering! I’ve always enjoyed your use of sly 3D to enhance your backgrounds. And sly screencaps of don’t hit me if I’m wrong Dr. Mario.

    I love the license plate. Trademark Tarvelar! Tim Triverler! I’m th’ RV’er?

    -Darrell M. Time Traveler

  2. Celtic Minstrel says:

    Dan’s not so far off the mark there, in a way…

  3. Crow! says:

    I sense another Dan-messes-up-Ben’s-love-life moment coming in. I mean, they’re playing retro video games together. How more romantic can a date get?

    I might expect Dan to walk in on Ben and Kira necking, except that Kira wouldn’t be very good at that.

  4. Kevin says:

    Was the second panel changed, or was the previously seen image created just for use in the “loading” screen?

  5. Brian says:

    @Kevin Dan’s pose changed… he didn’t look as cheesed off as I wanted!

  6. skincauldron says:

    Dan is just the cutest, especially in the bottom left hand corner, hehe (sorry if that’s not the kinda feedback ya wanted). I love the usage of pinks and oranges in these panels, most noteworthy the background.