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Jerk Piano Cat

October 31st, 2010

6 Responses to “Jerk Piano Cat”

  1. Boba says:


  2. Starflier says:

    Finally XD Poor Milo has been like that for what? Three? Four years?

  3. Starflier says:

    Crikey, It’s been five flipping years.

  4. Brian says:

    Well, five years our time. I don’t know if it’s five years comic-time! I’m not too keen on the idea of these characters aging, you know?

  5. Break26 says:

    Wait… Did Milo just say he -grew- wings? …Does that mean those things are real?

    Somehow this seems like the kind of situation that Axe Cop would get himself into, and OH THERE HE IS!! OH SNAP!!

  6. Ramani Rayne says:

    I just noticed that you changed the author name from Brian to Braaaains. Nice :-)
    Poor Milo, so confuzzled.