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Honor Code Syntax Error

September 27th, 2011

12 Responses to “Honor Code Syntax Error”

  1. Starflier says:

    Hey! Nice way to bring the story back on track Brian. I am in awe…

  2. Mr. Briggs says:


  3. shadow says:

    Go get her dongan!
    Also might I recommend adding your webcomic to topwebcomics.com, I follow most of my favorite webcomics through it and it leads alot of people to new comics

  4. Frank says:

    Beware, pedestrians! Beware of the evil harpoon-wielding alien!

  5. Paladin says:

    2 things
    1. I completely agree with shadow. I’ve read at least 80 different webcomics, and about 60 of them were fond on TWC.
    2. Ben.. just a gentle shock can K.O.him easily. Just saying.

  6. shadow says:

    You still alive out there brain, mind throwing a new page out to your hungry fans?

  7. a name with no face says:

    Yo, howbout making a new comic…. ECHO..

  8. Brian says:

    Echo Echo…Sorry for radio silence. IRL craziness has sort of put things on hold, but I have the next comic started :D Thanks for sticking around, hope I can make it up to you folks!

  9. shadow says:

    Long as your still alive and still working

  10. crazy says:

    dude when is the next one coming it’s 2012

  11. crazy says:

    shit is gonna go down

  12. Brian says:

    Because it’s 2012, or because the comic hasn’t updated, or first one then the other? Details, dude.