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March 16th, 2014

13 Responses to “Waffledoge”

  1. dalequan says:

    I’ll think about it.

  2. Brian says:


  3. Brett Taylor says:

    so meta. very meme. where update? wow.

  4. Tbolt says:

    Still here, I haven’t given up hope! =^^=

  5. PunkTiger says:

    Even after all this time, I still check this comic every day.

  6. Sean Boyle says:

    You lie, Waffledoge! It’s not gonna happen!

  7. Moriar says:

    I never fault webcomic making folks for delays or hiatuses. I’m not the one signing their paychecks, real life is.

    I’m just thankful they felt strongly enough about some creative endeavor to share it with the world, such that I could read it.

  8. Davin.Rizuki says:

    Whoa, I’m waiting for whole year for an update and finally here it is.. (Although it isn’t only a meme)
    Is this means more updates? Please.. *Kawaii eyes

  9. Rockin' Kat says:

    Oh, what does it all mean?!

  10. Zzzzzx says:

    egads, update
    hope is not lost

  11. SpartanCommander says:

    I still love your comic dispite this hiatus I keep trying to archive is as well. You know you could likely make a profit if you put this comic on paperback.

    I will also wonder they made Axe Cop into a TV show why not this one it’s much better.

  12. Rockin' Kat says:

    Waffledoge! Waffledoge! Here he comes to save teh day! Teh day is here to be saved!

  13. Jamie says:

    Why must we wait so long