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What’s On Your Mind

August 13th, 2014

7 Responses to “What’s On Your Mind”

  1. Westerly says:

    It’s lovely, simply lovely! It should be in a museum! Oh, wait, the museum’s in the sculpture too…

  2. Tbolt says:

    It could be worse, he could be a politician! =^^=

  3. Rockin' Kat says:

    I’m not sure people are going to appreciate you work if you kill them while you’re making it.

  4. Mykin says:

    Hmm…I give it a 7.65.

  5. CocoaNut says:

    Modern art is alive and well in the future, it seems.

    This makes me weep for the future of humanity.

  6. arschy says:

    The hive cluster is under attack?

  7. SpartanCommander says:

    I love this comic.

    Although I will say I don’t understand abstract art but I have to admit it does look cool since it’s actually made from mangled buildings so it’s an improvement over most abstract art.