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6 Responses to “Make a festive holiday snowglobe with Zaltor!”

  1. The Nolans » Archive » First-Aid says:

    […] You know you want to send your closest friends a Zaltor Snowglobe! […]

  2. Matt says:


  3. Patrick says:

    A snowglobe containing smaller snowglobes is probably the greatest thing mankind has invented! ever!

  4. Celtic Minstrel says:

    This is quite an amusing “game”! (I’m referring to Zaltor’s insults.)

  5. José P. says:

    This… is… so… AWESOME! XDDDDDDDD

  6. Breakpoint City » Comic Archive » Sketchblog: Olive the Other Reindeer says:

    […] Actually, it was fun to do something totally different. I did an homage to Olive last year in the snow globe, and was waiting for an excuse to try the cutout style again. Turned out pretty close to the real […]