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Fan Art: Cross-stitch pixel art

Blog: May 3rd, 2009

Breakpoint Sweet BreakpointHey cool! Kevin sent over this pic of pixel Dan, counted cross stitched out in real-world form. Old school meets the real old school! Y’know, I never thought I’d get fan art in a different medium.  Throwing down the gauntlet now: if someone wants to attempt a sculpted mashed potato Zaltor, go for it man.

Spotlight: Nostalgia Critic

Blog, Spotlight: April 20th, 2009

Nostalgia CriticHe remembers it, so you don’t have to!â„¢

I’m a big fan of ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, and by far his greatest stuff comes from his weekly Nostalgia Critic videos.

Animation seems to fall within the critic’s crosshairs more often than not, which of course cuts right to my geeky core. It’s great to see stuff like The Pagemaster or Captain Planet get the beatings they truly deserve. And his top 11 lists (he likes to go one step beyond) have introduced me to a few movies I’d otherwise not have known existed. The Critic’s videos are funny, informative, and definitely something to look forward to every Wednesday.

Fan Art: The Zaltor Show

Blog: April 5th, 2009

say___zaltor___by_poinkoDid someone say Kira and Zaltor fan art?  No? Well apparently webcomic-superstar Poinko did!  I mean, maybe he was saying that when he drew this, I have no way of knowing.  Unless…

Anyway, go visit his comics, monkeys!

Blog: Meanwhile, on The Nolans

Blog: March 11th, 2009

Spoiler!Webcomic pal Josh Nickerson has made a regular thing out of name-checking Waffledog in his comic, The Nolans. Stroll through the archives and you’ll find Dan the Dog’s licensed face plastered all over comic books, video games and sugar-frosted cereals (naturally.)

It started as a subtle nod, but when a whole dang storyline gets devoted to the movie “Waffledog Begins,” well, I couldn’t just let it slide. Go read his stuff!

There’s been a handful of other cameos lately, too! Gimme a holler if you spot any.

Blog: Italian Spiderman

Blog: February 17th, 2009

Italian SpidermanNow this is great. Italian Spiderman has nothing to do with Spider Man, or… Italy. Except for the dialogue. He’s less super hero and more red sweatshirt-wearing maniac who sips macchiatos and punches friend and foe alike. And while Peter Parker can spin webs and climb walls, can he telepathically communicate with penguins, or make someone’s head explode with his ‘stache? Stan Lee better take notes.

The first ten “rediscovered” segments of the movie are online now. Spider spider spider spider spider! Spider.

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Spotlight: Sugar Babiez

Blog, Spotlight: January 16th, 2009


Welcome to a land inhabited by creatures known as Sugar Babies. Sugar Babies are born in a facility in Sugar County known as The Garden. Sugar Babies need sugar to function properly. Sugar Babies are born for the sole purpose of glorifying their creator The Sugar Goddess.

…That would be the plot synopsis of Sugar Babiez, a twice-weekly comic drawn by fellow RIT cadet Bob Rutan.

Bob and I were in comics club back at school (wait, sorry, Guild of Sequential Illustrators) before he went off to the magical land of animation. The comics Bob brought to club were the highlight of every meeting, as they were more twisted than a pretzel factory run by Chubby Checker. Good to see not much has changed since graduation. Mayhaps the best thing to do is read it from the beginning.

Blog: Welcome Back, Commander

Blog: January 16th, 2009

ckCats and the internet have changed in four years, I tell ya.

After a lengthy hiatus, one of my favorite comics has triumphantly returned. Commander Kitty is back with a reboot, but I’ll safely assume the new version still follows the intergalactic hijinks of several faulty felines and one ferret.

If you missed it the first time, you’re in for a treat. CK’s got a good, cartoony vibe you don’t see in too many comics. New updates go live on Sundays, so swing on by. Commander’s orders.

Sketchblog: Scroogletor

Blog: December 30th, 2008

xmas_2_and_1_skelescroogeOkay, maybe it took longer than 25 days, but here it is, the ending to the Holiday sketchblog!

That said, I really wasn’t planing to build up to a big spectacular ending on the blog. The original plan was to align each post with what special was airing on TV at the time. Still, people wanted to know what would end up as #1.

On one hand, the top slot should perhaps go to Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. Like the Nostalgia Critic says, it doesn’t matter which version, they’re all good. Whether it’s Mister Magoo, or the Muppets, or Bill Murray, or Captain Picard, it’s required viewing to catch one version during the holidays.

On the other hand, this is not a top 25 list. Last thing I want to do is be taken seriously, so here’s Skeletor from the He-Man She-Ra Christmas Spectacular. We had a bunch of people over last week to watch retro holiday specials, and this one came up. Not being much of a He-Man fan (almost-but-not-quite my generation) it was hilarious to watch for the first time ever. They make no effort to disguise the fact it’s a 60 minute commercial for He-Man toys, even going so far as to bash their direct toy competitors, the Transformers. And yet, this is the decade I grew up with on Saturday mornings… can’t help but love it.

So here we have a timeless classic of literature, and an animated piece of 80s pop-culture cheese. If that doesn’t sum up this holiday sketchblog, I dunno what does. I’ll leave you to decide which one of the two gets the #1 slot.